Workout Structure


How to plan your 30 days of fitness.


Whether you want to do one program on it's own or combine different workouts here is how to do it.


'I only want to focus on one of the challenges'

You may wish to focus on just one 30 day challenge, whether that's running, muscle or core.


For someone only opting for one challenge


Monday  - Workout

Tuesday - Rest Day for the cardio challenge. Do some form of low intense cardio, swimming  if you are doing muscle or core.

Wednesday - Workout

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Workout

Saturday - Rest Day for the cardio challenge. Do some form of low intense cardio, swimming if you are doing muscle or core.

Sunday - Rest


To get maximum results you can combine the different challenge workouts in to one session. Here is how to combine them to get the best results on your fitness levels/body composition without over training.


Advice is to take a rest day every 2 or 3 days so your muscles can repair, grow and get stronger. Performing 4 days in a row is not recommended. Remember your nutrition is key to getting results please try to follow the nutrition advice. You cannot out-train bad diet.


Workouts to be done on their own

Running Time Trial - If you are including running make this your first session.


Combinations of workouts  - choose one session combination per day

  • Running AE + Muscle S

  • Running AE + Muscle H

  • Running AE + Core

  • Running SP + Core

  • Running SP on it's own

  • Muscle ME + Core

  • Muscle H + Core

  • Muscle S + Core

  • Muscle H or ME on it's own

  • Core on it's own

  • Running SP or AE on it's own

  • Muscle S, HE or ME on it's own


Please bear in mind that combining workouts together could take more than 30 minutes daily.



SP = Running Speed, AE = Running Aerobic Endurance, S = Muscle Strength  H = Muscle Hypertrophy

ME = Muscle Endurance  - please see Muscle page for full explanation of the type's of workouts.


Please take into account any other fitness classes/own sessions you are doing and count these as one session and don't do a challenge workout. Remember if you are only doing one challenge follow the last example.


For someone wanting to do all 3 challenges here are two examples:


Monday  - Running AE + Muscle S

Tuesday - Muscle H - Core

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday Running SP + Core

Friday - Muscle ME + Corr

Saturday - Running SP, or AE

Sunday - Rest




Monday - Muscle ME + S  + Core (similar to a Kettlebell class)

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Running AE + Core

Thursday - Running SP + Muscle H

Friday - Core

Saturday - Running SP or Running AE

Sunday - Rest


' I am only wanting to do two of the challenges'

Please drop out the challenge you don't want to do from the two examples above.