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Running Fitness Courses

Run Fitness sessions to develop all levels of athletes from Beginners to Seasoned.


Bodymode offers sessions which teach people how to run efficiently using the basic technical skills and helping to improve overall aerobic endurance. The sessions are delivered by an UK Athletics Running Coach, ensuring you get the best quality coaching to help you develop.

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6 week Course

Run Cross Training  £45 per course (BRC member £40.50)



Wednesday 18th October 7.45pm - 8.45pm Cromwell Community College Chatteris


High Intensity sessions that uses weighted equipment to create a fitter, faster and stronger athlete.


These sessions focus on strengthening the body, concentrating on endurance and speed work activities in a circuit style class to help runners become faster and stronger and to help prevent injury.  


Each session is deisgned to help increase mobility and flexibility, with a strength based circuit of exercises and a final HIIT workout, it will help boost running performance. Open to all abilities over 16 year+.


Cool downs will incoprate foam roller stretches, yoga & pilates based stretching.

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