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Rehab Therapy Exercise with Bodymode


Bodymode offers Rehab Exercise classes designed to help people cope with pain and injury. The sessions are 4 week courses which help the client self manage problems using exercise and relaxation techniques. Each client gets a daily exercise worksheet to take away after each session. Michelle will help you identify exercises that are helpful to your own symptoms.


Hip and Low Back Pain


Shoulder and Neck Injures

Running Injuries


Each session is limited to 4 people, to give quality attention to each client.


All equipment is provided and can be purchased at your class should you wish to continue to use it at home.


To find out when the next courses are please go to the timetable.




"This really has made a massive difference. Just last Friday I had to take my dad to Addenbrookes at short notice. Addenbrookes chairs usually kill my back but I was fine and even able to do the groceries in the afternoon with no ill effects. Just three weeks earlier it would have been one or the other and even then I would have been in pain. Thank you Michelle." Tanya