Personal Coaching Packages


No matter what level you are starting from, at Bodymode we have the advice and the training programs to get you performing at your best.  With Bodymode's Personal Coaching you'll get an individually tailored approach to achieving your running goals. Our programs put you the athlete first and are created around your current lifestyle. Developed by a qualified England Athletics Running Fitness Coach, Bodymode will be able to give you professional guidance based on proven theory and  experience. We will spend time with you in your sessions to help improve your technique and, combined with our extensive strength and conditioning knowledge, help to keep you injury free. We believe in setting realistic goals but not setting limits - who knows how far or fast you could go!


Want to learn to good run technique but nervous of being in a group?

Bodymode offers a 6 session package for the pure beginner.  Starting at a race walk pace, you'll learn the basic techniques to running. Each session you will concentrate on the fundamental skills required, with the aim of building up your aerobic endurance.  You'll learn a simple warm up and cool down stretches to keep you injury free.


Individual Coached Run Sessions (1 person) £170 

Includes 6 x 45 minute training sessions

  • A fitness test will be conducted at your first session.

  • Specific strength exercises to do at home -  around 20 minutes per workout

  • Specific nutrition program to help you keep energised for training runs


Pilates or Kettlebell Bundle £170

Individual 6 x 45 minute training sessions  

  • A fitness test will be conducted at your first session


   Dual Coaching Session (2 people) £140 per person 

    Includes 6 x 45 minutes sessions - tailored to technique development or specific training goals


   Private Group Coaching Session (up to 4 people) £350

    Includes 6 x 45 minutes sessions tailored to technique development or specific training goals


8 Week Run Program (From Beginner to Marathon Distance)

8 week written preparation program £89

  • Includes a 20 min telephone review every week and programme adjustment as required

  • Specific strength exercises to do at home -  around 20 minutes per workout

  • Specific nutrition program to help you keep energised for training runs


Ultimate Race Preparation Program (From 5k to Marathon Distance)

1 coaching session a week (45 mins x 6) £250

The ultimate training package, with full online training plan, coaching support and a regular 1 to 1 session to guide you to race day in the best possible shape.

  • Includes an 8 week preparation plan, updated weekly, one telephone call per week, as well as one coaching session per week.

  • Race preparation goals and a race strategy plan.

  • A full fitness test will be conducted at the start of the program.

  • You'll then be given a weekly training schedule based on your current fitness level, with the aim to improve your technical skills, run speed and endurance.

  • Video analysis will be used to aid your development.


Runner MOT £79

A 60 minute assessment of your run style. We'll go through all the basic run technique, such as arm drive, posture, breathing, run cadence etc. which will make instant changes to your running form. You'll receive feedback from a coach to help you improve your running efficency through a runners assessment report which includes video anaylsis. This will help you remember what to focus on when you go running.  


Nutrition Packages (Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Clinical Weight Loss) £44.50 per month

Bodymode also offers bespoke  packages for individuals or groups.

Please contact Michelle to discuss your requirements.

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Sam & Mishka

Endurance Life Sussex Half Marathon 2017


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"I approached Michelle for a run program before Christmas, I am not new to running or races but wanted to get the best out of my next race that I had booked in March. It would be one of my most challenging races, an off road trail Half Marathon, classed as strenuous, with an ascent of 2,348 across part of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head. To add to this I was also running it Canicross with my dog Mishka, an extra challenge in itself.


Michelle put together a 12 week running program which had just 3 sessions a week to my surprise, long run, easy run and a session of intervals or hills. Although I used programs before they weren't tailored to me specifically and what I wanted to achieve so this was a new experience. It was great to not worry what I had to do and just do it, flexible enough to work round life too. Michelle would feedback on the sessions and make suggestions or alter if required to make sure I was on track.

I had always felt tired when training for races in the past and felt I needed to run for miles however this was very different, it felt good and I always felt strong when I was training, the weekly sessions were short but did what they needed to do. I enjoyed the variety and being able to see how I was improving over the 12 weeks.


I successfully completed my Half Marathon with Mishka in poor weather conditions and headwinds. It was tough there was no question about that, the hills were unbelievable but I know without the program I would of walked large portions of the race when in fact I was running up the smaller hill sections. The last few miles were still some of the fastest miles in the run and after all the hills I was chuffed. Running with a dog is also a very different experience too, pulled downhill and not always pulled up hill as you would think, you are a team and have to work together.

I had felt strong from start to finish and my legs felt good even in the days afterwards, that to me shows how far I've come with the training. My last Trail Half Marathon in October was almost flat in comparison yet I was only slightly slower and my best pace was over a minute faster, my average heart rate was lower and I had even got a Park Run PB in the middle of my training too I am extremely pleased. Now for the next challenge :)" Sam & Mishka


"When I signed up to do a half marathon I hadn't run any further than 5k before so it was really daunting for me when I found out I'd been successful in securing a place and would be running 13 miles in 10 weeks time! I'd previously done Michelle's beginners running course which I'd really enjoyed and learned lots from so I contacted Michelle for her help.


Michelle was absolutely brilliant, we talked about my fitness level, what I wanted to achieve in terms of both distance and time and when writing my training plan Michelle was able to take into consideration my family and work commitments to make sure I could stick to the plan.

As well as being really clear in telling me exactly what training I needed to do to achieve my goal, Michelle was great at keeping me motivated particularly when my confidence was low and I doubted I could run far enough. I really appreciated the time and support Michelle gave me throughout the training and especially in the build up to race day. Michelle was fantastic for giving me tips and pointers to help me prepare and was always happy to answer the many questions I had. I had fantastic support from Michelle on race day which made such a difference and really kept me going.


The support and guidance I've had from Michelle has been invaluable and I couldn't' have done it without her. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking to improve their running for either a specific event or just in general. She's been great!" Amanda


Cambridge Half Marathon 2017

'Today I did my first ever proper race, a triathlon. Given it was 30C it's a miracle I finished. But I can honesty say that the only reason I did finish in one piece (and able to function afterwards) was because the fabulous Michelle did me a training plan, was encouraging when needed but knew when to give me tough love, and gave me all the advice and tips I needed to get through almost two hours of pain! If anyone is doing a race, or thinking of getting a coach for a specific event, I can't recommend Michelle enough!'



Woodhall Spa Sprint Triathlon, July 2017

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