Kettlebell Videos



Thrusters as soon as you come back up from the Squat throw the weight up over the shoulder. Keep your arms locked out at the top. With all Squats keep your chest up high.

Hand to Hand Swing try to change the hand at the top of your swing. Snatch try to keep the arm straight as you swing up and allow the bell to roll over the wrist. Try a small weight to start with if you are nervous. Again arm locks out with the bell directly over the shouler. Push Press start with the bell in a 'racked' position where your thumb is touching your chest as the bell sits on your arm, push press from that position.

Deadlifts Keep your eyes ahead, don't look down. Hinge from the hip, don't squat. Thrust as you pull the weight back up. Russian Swing always aim each swing up to shoulder height. Remember hip thrust to get the weight up, hinge forwards don't squat. Goblet Squat the tricky squat of all! Requires hip flexibility, keep weight low if you struggle to get down. Bell rests on your chest as you squat.

Clean - this clean is a 'hanging clean' that starts from the knee. You thrust the weight up to the shoulder using your lower body, whip the elbow through to get the bell to rest in the racked position, where your thumb is resting on your chest. Power Clean - this clean is from the floor. More power required through lower body to get it up. Front Lunge Bell is racked on the shoulder and lunge is executed by stepping forwards. Like your sqauts keep your chest up, don't hinge forwards. Aim to get the back knee down low to work those thighs and hips.

If at any point you feel pain stop the exercise and reconsider the weight you are using. If the pain continues seek advice from Bodymode.