"Michelle has been training me as part of the Bark Run course with Sian @ Developing Dogs. Michelle's training and advice is simple to understand, apply and really effective. Within a couple of weeks, I've improved my personal best time on a run on one of my regular routes, I've reduced my heart rate / breathing while improving my speed and endurance and my legs feel better the day after my run. Excellent trainer and I'd really recommend Michelle to any level of runner." Graham, Bark Run Athlete October 2016


"I joined the 6 weeks beginners course unable to run to the end of the road, now 6 months later l am running a half marathon. The advice tips and support Michelle gives, not only me but everyone, is the only reason l am the runner l am today. Although the 6 week beginner course is long done l still have lots to learn and Michelle's Wednesday running session provides me with new challenges to make me a better runner.  But more importantly than that l have found running buddies and new friends. BRC is an awesome club who support each others achievements whether that's running 5 minutes none stop to running a marathon. We all take pride in each others achievements and support and help each other when we can. So if you're thinking of coming along take the plunge, Michelle and the rest of us will welcome you and make you feel like you can achieve anything you want, supporting you all the way. Lastly a HUGE thank you to Michelle for all you're continued support and to my new running buddy friends." Lucy, Feb 2016


"I joined bodymode a few weeks ago and did 4 sessions with Michelle, I could barely run only managing 2 lamp posts at a time and now I'm virtually running 3.5 miles. I still have a long way to go but feel very pleased with my achievement in only a few weeks." Lisa


"I found Bodymode just under a year ago, when I joined the Barre Concept class in March, which I really enjoyed. Since then Michelle has helped me to lose over two stone through her nutritional programmes and fitness. I now attend both Barre and Kettlebell classes, and am a member of the Bodymode Running Club, and I feel fitter and look better than I have done for years. Michelle is a motivational coach, and is always there with advice when you need it. I feel that through Bodymode I have finally changed my fitness and eating habits permanently for the better, and I would thoroughly recommend Michelle's services"

"I've only been to the beginner's running club on a Thursday so far but have really enjoyed the sessions, as they have a good balance of working hard and having fun. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and supportive which helps a lot. When I started going to Bodymode Running Club 6 weeks ago, I didn't do any exercise and I couldn't even run up the stairs without getting tired! I've seen a noticeable difference each week and tonight my mum and I have just ran 5k in 35 minutes. When I started the club that sounded absolutely impossible so I think that proves how effective it is. Thank you Michelle!" Emma

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"I have tried a lot of different Pilates classes over the years. I have seen small improvements but despite all my efforts I still couldn't do a sit up! Michelle was recommended to me by a friend and I started having 1:1 Pilates lessons. Michelle started with some very simple exercises and helped me to understand what each exercise should feel like when done correctly. For the first time ever, I feel I am progressing and my core strength is improving - I can even do a sit up!! As someone who has always hated exercise in any form, I can also say that I actually enjoy the classes. Michelle is very patient and non-judgemental and her passion for teaching Pilates shines through." Karen May 2017


"During the summer, I underwent a major surgery that resulted in a significant abdominal incision. This meant I was back to baby steps to regain my fitness. On the advice of my surgeon I was only able to walk for the first few weeks. After this and when I had made some good progress, he suggested Pilates would be a great way to get some flexibility back and get me moving better. On this advice I contacted Michelle and arranged a 6 week one to one course of Pilates sessions with her. I wanted to be sure I was doing things correctly so decided a one on one basis would be better than being one of many students in a class environment.


Michelle took full account of my surgery and also the advice I had been given by the physio concerning the kind of movement I should be doing/avoiding in the early stages. She devised an appropriate exercise plan which we built upon week by week. In the first week session, I was fairly immobile and uncoordinated but by the sixth week, the difference was amazing! I felt so much better, my mobility had increased and I felt I was well on the road to complete recovery. Exercises that seemed impossible were now fairly easy to do.


Michelle is a true professional, takes into account how a person is on an individual basis and works on the plans accordingly. She also has the patience of a saint! I am now in a place where I am doing the Pilates as well as some gym work and am able to push myself that bit more each time.  If I have any questions, I know I can contact her and she’ll advise me accordingly. The work we did in building up the muscles has also meant I am back out jogging along the guided bus route, albeit slowly. Yesterday, I did a 5K with no stopping! I know for certain that these sessions have made a great contribution to this. Thank you Michelle, you are a star!" Anne - December 2016


"When I first approached you I have a nasty back injury and knew little about Pilates. I found your insight into the probable cause, which was confirmed by my consultant, to be very helpful. Since then I feel I have progressed considerably and my back problem has much improved. In my opinion you are an excellent instructor and I look forward to continuing to work with you." Jane, Chatteris, January 2014


"Huge thanks to Michelle at Bodymode for my first tailored, personal remedial pilates session tonight. Impressive, thorough preparation and sound knowledgeable advice. A really good workout taking care to ensure the right areas were developed and none of the wrong areas. Excellent stuff, looking forward to next week!" - Steve, November 2013 


"I am in my late fiftees and started my classes with Michelle exactly a year ago. I have definitely felt the benefits, feeling stronger, fitter and leaner all around. I have a sensitive neck which often gives me problems but Michelle has been very helpful in giving me suggestions when doing the exercises so as not to strain it. Michelle is a great teacher who explains every exercise very clearly - and makes it fun doing them." Adrienne, Oakington - October 2012


"..Michelle is a fantastic teacher, she has an amazing understanding of the body and its muscles. So if you have any areas of pain, Michelle can tailor an exercise to help. She also makes the lessons fun and relaxing." Jo, Oakington, July 2012


"You are a marvellous teacher with great sensitivity to individual needs and you make classes fun while challenging us." - Elsa, Murray Ewards College - New Hall, May 2011


"I started practising pilates 8 weeks after having my third child and it has really helped me to rediscover my stomach and pelvic floor muscle and to correct my awful posture.  After only a few weeks I started noticing the difference in the way I hold myself.  As well as being good for my body, having an hour every Thursday to myself to do pilates has done wonders for my stress levels too!"- Donna, Longstanton , Oct 2011





"I have worked with Michelle Personal Training for over 18 months and she is one of the most inspiration, energetic, motivational people I have ever met.


I initially started training with Michelle as I had enjoyed her BarreConcept classes and wanted to loose weight but what I have now achieved is so much more than this. Using various bodyweight exercises, Kettlebells, weights and HIT workouts my fitness and strength has improved so much more than I could have imagined. With tailored sessions, understanding my needs and goals and Michelle's expert knowledge not only do I always look forward to her sessions every week, I have learnt so much about my body. Not only about getting fit, healthy, strong and toned but developing muscles I never thought I'd ever have. You always feel like you can take on the word after a session.


She is a great instructor who truly puts her clients first and always challenges me that bit further, her true belief in you, encouragement and smile 'almost' makes burpees fun ;) She has helped me feel confident about myself, given me the positivity to progress in my goals and push myself in being the best I can be not only through my PT and strength training but also in running on my own and also Canicross with my dog. I can't recommend her enough." Sam, Feb 2017



"I have been lucky enough to have Michelle teach me Pilates for almost three years now. After my second pregnancy had left me with ongoing back problems, I turned to Pilates as a way to strengthen my core. Even with just one hour class a week, the difference was noticeable very quickly - the back pain receded and I was able to do so much more. I wish I had turned to Pilates much sooner!


Last year I took on a 10k obstacle challenge for charity, unlike anything I'd previously ever attempted. In the past when I have tried to 'get fit' I have usually hit problems with injuries so I turned to Michelle for a personal training plan to help me improve my stamina and strength. She put together a personalised plan which took into account both my personal condition, working to strengthen areas of weakness without over-stressing known 'problem areas' like my knees, and my goals.


After successfully completing the challenge and having achieved a certain level of personal fitness, I found everyday life so much easier and more comfortable that I've kept on with the personal training. I've continued to see my posture, flexibility and toning all improve.


Having never been a 'sporty' person and having found it hard to stick with fitness programmes in the past, what I have achieved with Michelle has been a revelation! I cannot recommend her highly enough." Amy, May 2014


"I started personal training with Michelle just over 2 months ago, in preparation for my wedding in September. My objective was to tone up my wobbly bits and feel better and healthier. I’ve taken the 6 week training plan package, supplemented by a fortnightly personal training session (and now with a BarreConcept class as well!), and am now on my second 6 week plan.


So far I have lost almost 2 inches, and have a much more toned figure – a number of people, especially my fiancé, are impressed with my achievements and the results.Not only that, but I now have more energy, stamina and strength; I feel better and my skin is even clearer, so I have much more confidence in myself and my appearance.


Michelle is a very encouraging and inspiring instructor – she listens to what I want to achieve and helps me set realistic but stretching goals and manages to make the workout and routines tough and challenging as well as fun. She always has a positive, cheerful attitude. Her plan is delivering demonstrable results and I’ve found it surprisingly easy to motivate myself to train at home. I would thoroughly recommend Michelle as a trainer and instructor, and look forward to continuing to work with her to achieve my goals." --Hannah, Personal Client, June 2013

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Beginners Fundamentals - Witchford Jan 17


"I was really nervous to sign up - wondering what to expect after a really awful experience with another local running group. This to me however felt different, it felt like I was starting at the right point this time - at the beginning, learning the basics.


I really wanted to be able to run, as it offers me access to free exercise once I've learned how! I want to get fit, healthy, lose weight and finally to be a good role model to my daughter.

When I arrived week one, I was immediately put at ease by Michelle who was warm and welcoming. I felt less daunted too by being in the confines of the tennis courts and not having to worry that might suddenly be expected to run a mile!

After the first week I was raring to go - again, a completely different feeling to the last group. Every one seemed nice even though there were varying degrees of fitness - I felt I could just go at my own pace. Week on week I have built on my abilities and shocked myself when at week 4 decided to sign up for the 0-5k course that runs on from this one.


I've made a good little core of friends - two of which are taking the plunge to the next course too.I would highly recommend Michelle and Bodymode to anyone who wants to be able to run."  Elaine 2017

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