Bodymode is based in Cambridgeshire and offers group and personal coaching in Running Fitness, Pilates and Kettlebells and nutritional advice for sport, exercise and weight loss.


Whatever level you are starting from, at Bodymode we have the advice and the training methods to get you feeling your best.






Need help with running?


Get the total fitness package with nutritional advice to help you lose weight, reduce body fat or to help support your sport training.


Feel energised and healthy with easy to follow nutritional advice.


Bodymode offers sessions which teach people how to run efficiently using the basic technical skills and helping to improve overall aerobic endurance.


The sessions are delivered by an UK Athletics Running Coach, ensuring you get the best quality coaching to help you develop.


Strength Training

Bodymode offers strength and conditioning classes which are suitable for everything from sports conditioning to orthopaedic conditions, using Pilates, Kettlebells and outdoor circuit training methods.